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Official Apparel Sponsor

Excited to announce a 3 year partnership with Rugby Athletic & BLK!  RA is the official apparel and gear sponsor of Belmont Shore RFC.  

Official Beer Sponsor

Bud Light - Famous Among Friends!

Official Restaurant & Bar Sponsor

PJ's as it's often referred to by club members has been a long standing partner of the club.  We appreciate everything they do for us!  If you're a supporter of the club please tell them that at PJ's and you'll receive a 30% discount on your food and drinks.  Additionally you'll be supporting the club as they share a percentage of those purchases with us.

I'm with Panda!

Acknowledging that caffeine is a fixture in our society needed by many for the ultimate boost while also recognizing the health benefits of natural energy sources like ginseng, Pacific Nutraceuticals, LLC created Yin & Yang Energy (Y&Y), to provide consumers with an innovative and premium dietary supplement that incorporates the concept of balance so valued by Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

Clinical Expertise to Fuel Your Study

As a full service CRO focused on early clinical development, WCCT offers global capabilities, clinical trial services, Phase 1 units and clinical research sites, and clinical data management, as well as innovative and adaptive clinical trial designs. WCCT utilizes a collaborative approach which focuses on taking your product to the next stage of development.

Become a Sponsor

Want to participate in your local community? Become a sponsor and support youth in your area.