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Day 2 Scores

Belmont Blue - 43 Oregon - 0
Belmont Gold - 24 Oceanside - 7
Belmont Blue - 26 Dallas - 0
Belmont Blue - 33 Westside Ronins - 12
Belmont Gold - 19 Schuykill River -12
Belmont Gold - 24 North Virginia - 12 Bowl Final

Day 1 National 7s Scores

Belmont Gold - 10 NAV - 12
Belmont Blue -14 Oregon - 22
Belmont Gold - 17 Atlanta Old White - 14
Belmont Blue - 12 Rugby HTX - 24
Belmont Gold - 14 Westside Ronins - 15

Belmont Shore rugby Football Club

Founded in 1974, Belmont Shore Rugby Football club is one of the premier rugby clubs in the United States, with a history of Championship winning teams throughout the age groups. Located in Long Beach, Ca the club has a flourishing youth program, a traditionally dominate men’s program, and a women’s team competing in Division 1. The club provides rugby playing opportunities to individuals of all ages with or without any experience.

Before we head to the Fall season, here are 7's Season Highlights

The Beach Touch, and Sunsplash Tournaments were a great success.

Our women's program  showed great determination  and was able to get some games in.

Our youth program had 450 players across 12 divisions, and produced various regional and national awards!

Our men's program represented well with 2 teams to the Nationals again  this year.

2021 Towels are available !!!

Great  for anything and everything !!!

Fussy mothers love the rugby towels.

Perfect for comforting adults as well. 

Buy online below, or at our Fall 2021 games  !

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